Regulated Payment Systems proudly supplies customers with the highest-quality credit card processing equipment that are currently available, including terminals.


FD130 – EMV Device

EMV Solutions to Meet Every Need

The FD130 Terminal makes it possible to quickly accept payments, and it prepares merchants to accept payments with the newest EMV chip-enabled devices. The Terminal was created by First Data and it is a solution vendors can afford. The FD130 Terminal expertly combines top-notch performance, dependability, and simplicity in a compact credit card processing device, rich with features. What makes the FD130 such a great choice is this terminal is applicable with the industry’s latest standard in security – EMV technology.

Vendors can expect the FD130 Terminal to provide consistent solutions that meet every payment processing need. This includes debit, credit and gift cards, EBT, and personal checks.



FD35 – Pin Pad

Next Generation Pin Pad

Able to support debit cards with pins, traditional card transactions, and tap-and-go purchases with no contact, the FD35 – created by First Data – is the future of PIN pads. This PIN pad can support a wide range of processes for payments initiated by cardholders. This includes EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa integrated circuit cards) and NFC (near Field Communication), allowing vendors to start preparing for changes the industry will see in the future, like EMV technology and contactless coupons.