Credit Card and Merchant Card Services:

The right credit card processing system improves relationships between business owners and their customers.

Designed, developed, and supported exclusively by Regulated Payment Systems, we single-handedly supply integrated merchant services credit card processing solutions to eliminate third party entities. Regulated Payment Systems ensures secure results to generate efficient business growth.

Whether our customers are new business searching the market or are simply dissatisfied with their current credit card processing setup, Regulated Payment Systems offers affordable rates that promise to price match all competitors. Each Regulated Payment Systems customer is valued by reducing expenses through substantial buying power, made evident through the cost of savings.

Because Security Matters

Data security standards are crucial in this generation culminating in the need for our products to be validated by the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). Regulated Payment Systems takes extreme measures to ratify and secure standards preventing third parties from storing prohibited payment applications including magnetic stripe, CVV2, or PIN numbers.

Developed and fully compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, PA-DSS validation is ranked highest in security classifications. For further information concerning PA-DSS validation visit

Why Process Credit Cards with Regulated Payment Systems?

Offering equal pricing to both meager vendors and to major merchants with mass purchasing power, Regulated Payment Systems supplies the most advanced credit card processing technology at the best rates throughout the United States.

Distributing solutions for business transactions in a secure infrastructure with intellectual insight for our vendors is Regulated Payment Systems’ top priority.

  • Next-Day Funding Available

  • Fast Authorizations

  • Customized SOLUTIONS

  • Integrated Hardware and Web Interfaces to Manage Payments

  • Gift and Loyalty Cards

A Revolution in the Merchant Card Services Industry

Remaining focused on the value and needs of small business owners, Regulated Payment Systems has revolutionized the merchant card services industry.

Known as one of the larger service providers in the country, Regulated Payment Systems buys in bulk, resulting in reduced rates for small-scale merchants.The opportunity to lease equipment is also available, as well as extended warranties and reduced replacement fees.

Meeting Needs of Small Businesses

With the ability to quickly adapt to the latest advancements in electronic payment processing, Regulated Payment Systems stays up-to-date with specialty business fees that VISA and MasterCard are continually changing. Lowered interchange rates contribute to thousands of business dollars saved annually.

Saves Money & So Much More

Regulated Payment Systems helps facilitate a company’s main source of revenue by growing the targeted market through gift and loyalty programs. These incentives result in increased sales, returning customers, and enhanced profits.

Thriving to provide merchant card services to businesses across the country, Regulated Payment Systems offers pinnacle performance for all prepaid, gift, EBT, debit and credit card processing needs.

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