Easy to Use, Advanced Security,
Full-integration and Great Rates!

Data Sync

Aiding to eradicate double-data-entry mistakes, decrease accounting time, and centralize reconciliations, all Regulated Payment Systems products are automatically synced with QuickBooks. Products are data core integrated providing major advantages, as well as a completely connected experience during payment that supports all native QuickBooks POS system capacities (this does not include plug-ins)

Regulated Payment Systems applications are intricately designed with a focus on vendor feedback, and the processes enabling sufficient workflow of POS systems, making it effortless to educate staff.

Whether taking payments from a terminal, smartphone, desktop computer or tablet, Regulated Payment Systems offers credit card processing equipment constructed with the customer’s needs always at the forefront.

Rapid Funding

Lighting Solutions provides a faster way to receive money. And our Overall Effective Rate Guarantee means customers will never be subjected to paying more for any hardware, software or gift card transactions that are processed with Regulated Payment Systems.

Systems that are Secure

Every product by Regulated Payment Systems subsidize the high level of protection for processing payments by preventing security infringements, monetary penalizations and lawsuits that may corrupt companies. Learn to master Point-to-Point Encryption, PCI & PA-DSS compliance, and how to avert a breach in security.

Outage Protection® and Stand-In® programs such as Regulated Payment Systems’ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee; ensuring business remains open regardless of any power or Internet outages that can affect the performance of payment platforms.

System Support

Every part of the experience of processing payments, including POS software, hardware, accounting system, and merchant services, is supported by Regulated Payment Systems. Cross-department and cross-provider issues commonly referred to as the “blame game”, aren’t issues as Regulated Payment System’s rectifies all support problems with one call to a technician.

Want to change POS systems but burdened with an existing contract? Regulated Payment Systems’ Switch Support program provides the means to make one free from current mobile and online credit card processing bindings.

Guaranteed Low Rate

It is important to bear the expense for merchant services at a reasonable rate. Regulated Payment Systems extends an Overall Effective Rate Guarantee by appraising accounts to show current effective costs and how to economize money.


Monthly Discount

Monthly Settlements contrary to Daily Settlements grants business owners the ability to receive fees and adjustments monthly rather than daily. Charges that are added to the principal monthly stimulates savings by helping companies with the flow of cash, whereas combining rates regularly reduces the amount of interest earned on the principal. Converting to Monthly Settlements has a major impact on the potential to save hundreds of dollars!

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