Offer QuickBooks® Clientele Options in Payment Processing


What is It?

Regulated Payment Systems’ mission is to help businesses expand. With Partner Program payment application, Resellers and Accounting Professional have such opportunity. Curated to cast client trust, grow gain, and expedite efficiency, 360-degree payment application is the key. Regulated’s QuickBooks® program precisely integrates professionals’ needs to resell Regulated products. Like any concrete collaboration the resources, support, and financial benefits are readily available throughout the entire process.

This is the perfect program that aligns with professionals who resell our products to end users according to their needs.

Why clients prefer Lightning products:

  • Inexpensive processing costs.
  • QuickBooks® POS V12 & 2015 Compatibility.
  • QuickBooks® Online Edition Integration.
  • Loyalty and gift card programs available.
  • U.S stationed, around-the-clock support.
  • Processing and compatibility for AmEX.
  • Apple® mobile application integrated with QuickBooks® Online Edition.
  • Fast Financing.

Why clients will love selling Lightning products:

  • Generous residual sharing—up to 65% revenue share of total net processing revenue.
  • Endless expert advice for businesses and merchants.
  • Training to sell, courses for certification, educational webinars, and assitance with marketing goals.
  • Dedicated contact with understanding of clients’ businesses.
  • Resolutions highlighting safe, superior technology known for captivating and maintaining continual clientele.

Partner Program

Intuit Solution Providers | Intuit Premier Resellers | Retail Solution Providers

Partners Receive:

  • True Profit Share Program
  • Around-the-Clock Domestic Merchant Assistance
  • SPIFF (Incentive) Programs

Your Referrals will benefit from:

  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Top Notch Safety & Amenability
  • Affordable Processing Costs & Ample Time For Business Growth

Master business safeguarding with a profound partnership

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