Welcome Payments that Sync with QuickBooks ®

Accepting payments inherently in QuickBooks® with customized applications from Regulated allows business owners the opportunities to save time, increase revenue and experience overall business growth. Because we know how much a business owner’s time is worth.

The Lightning Advantage

Eliminate any problems of double data entry with the latest payment technology, Lightning Payments™. This payment processor is one of the only on the market that has been integrated into QuickBooks®, and it provides users with the option of choosing a payment processor that fits within budget.

This Regulated Payment System’s product operates within QuickBooks® accounting and POS software.

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Lightning Payments™ for QuickBooks® & QuickBooks® POS

A major advantage to registering for Lightning Payments™ is transactions are synched with QuickBooks®, which excludes any chance of entering data more than once and results in more time saved. Integrating with QuickBooks® makes it possible to natively collect payments within the application.

Lightning Payments™ is beneficial for business owners because transactions are precisely recorded in QuickBooks® in real time – eliminating the need to manually list any transactional data in a company’s accounting system.

IPLink® for QuickBooks Online

Small business owners are constantly trying to find ways to save more time. One major time saver is linking a business’ sales data to an online accounting system automatically.

Eliminate the time spent manually entering sales data on a daily basis by allowing IPLink ® to complete data entry for business owners in real time. IPLink’s relationship with QuickBooks® is the complete solution to instantly accepting and recording payments online.

Businesses without QuickBooks® Online are still eligible for Lightning Payments™ from Regulated Payment Services because the application is directly integrated with the QuickBooks® Desktop.


Gift Cards

Merchants interested in POS software can complete as many gift card transactions as needed, for free. Each of which is supported with tracking and acceptance at multiple stores.

Customers using Lightning Payments™ can use their gift cards as cash with Regulated Gift Card Exchange Program. To enjoy this service, customers have their gift cards swiped to determine worth before it is exchanged for money.

Lightning Virtual Terminal

The Lightning Virtual Terminal makes it possible for businesses to easily accept payments via desktop, laptop or tablet. The application provides access to a number of devices to accept secure payments – ensuring companies with a protected process for receiving transactions.

Business owners now have the ability to take clients’ payments by just launching an app. This saves time because it has eliminated the need to go to a website or swipe a card on traditional credit card processing equipment. The Lightning Virtual Terminal safely supports credit and gift cards, as well as cards with EMV technology. It also accepts mobile payments, including Apple Pay.

Lightning Solutions Compatibility

Lightning’s performance and reliability is mostly compatible with the following QuickBooks versions:

  • 2015 QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise
  • 2014 QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise
  • 2013 QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise
  • 2012 QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise
  • 2011 QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise
  • Versions 12 (2015) of QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS)
  • Versions 11 (2013) of QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS)
  • Versions 10 (2010) of QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS)

Regulated Payment Systems Lightning Demo Videos


QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks Pro, Premier & Enterprise

Lightning Mobile is compatible with both IOS and Android devices.

Using the mobile credit card processing system is as easy as pressing a button, entering the price and swiping a credit card

After the sale has been approved, QuickBooks natively stores the transaction.

Lightning Mobile is the ideal solution for merchant services credit card processing on-the-go.

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