“Customers of Regulated Payment Systems have seen their bottom line grow, on average, an additional 20% in just the first year.”

How’s that for an opening line for your small business prospects?

Fed Up with Fighting Over What’s Left?

Rather than manipulating owners to switch vendors, Regulated Payment Systems agents have the capability to provide actual solutions to businesses that are experiencing issues over tight merchant services and credit card processing margins. A Regulated agent can extend small business credit card processing customers a simple sell with affordable solutions to expand companies by implementing robust residuals and more affordable attrition rates.

Easy As One, Two, Three!

1. Smooth Selling

Agents make it possible to offer an affordable resolution that facilitates merchants to operate and evolve small business lending with top credit card processors.

2. Uncomplicated

Millions of merchants find Regulated’s online POS system software manageable and reliable, enabling clients to focus    on what’s really important: business growth.

3. Abundant Opportunities to Make Money

Offering lifetime residuals with zero minimums and superior   agent support for a dependable source of steady income.

Regulated Payment Systems always encourages experienced and acclaimed agents to join the team! In an ongoing effort to guide merchants in business development, agents also use POS software to avail cost reduction for credit card processing services, provisions, and adornments.

Align amongst a class of accomplished associates who’ve achieved career conciliation and financial security while earning additional income each year.


  • Sales education and assistance
  • Access to progressive credit card processing equipment, top credit card processors, and exceptional client service
  • Access to exclusive brand marketing supplies and sales demonstrations.
  • Access to devoted agent support groups around-the-clock

No Experienced Required

A positive mind-set is all that is needed to be a qualified representative for Regulated. Whether currently successful within the industry or simply seeking out a new position in merchant services credit card processing, a fulfilling future awaits as a point of sales system agent.

Contact us at 855-978-6132 or email us at info@regulatedps.com for additional information.